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Rui Mito


Born in Fukuoka


Graduated from Arita College of Ceramics
Became an apprentice of recognized potter, Kiyomi Kawakami


Became a professional pottery artist and built wood fired kiln in Karatsu
(one of the most famous production place of pottery)

Her pieces reflect her self-disciplined art activity and have both elegant and handsome characters.
Unique variety of colors of glaze is created from natural flame in the wood fired kiln.

Rui Mito Painted KARATSU small bowl

Diameter 10cm Height 5cm Weight 135g
JPY 3,520

Round and flower-shaped small bowl. Suitable for ice cream or appetizer.

Rui Mito Painted KARATSU sake decanter

Diameter 8cm Height 13cm Weight 300g
JPY 16,500

Traditional KARATSU style pottery is famous for its soft color of glaze and simple painting.

Rui Mito KARATSU square sake decanter

Diameter 12cm Height 9cm Weight 270g
JPY 16,500

KARATSU style pottery is famous for its soft color of glaze. This square sake decanter is light and easy to hold.

Rui Mito Marble KARATSU sake cup

Diameter 5cm Height 4cm Weight 60g
JPY 11,000

Thick layer of white-marble glaze is beautiful.

Rui Mito Blue KARATSU sake cup

Diameter 7cm Height 4cm Weight 70g
JPY 11,000

Deep blue-green color of glaze attracts eyes.

Rui Mito White glaze KARATSU sake cup

Diameter 6cm Height 5cm Weight 60g
JPY 8,800

It has simple and serene atmosphere. Thin shape is easy to drink and hold.

Rui Mito Marble KARATSU medium bowl

Diameter 18cm Height 6cm Weight 500g
JPY 14,300

Transparent pale green glaze is beautiful. Suitable for both Asian and Western dishes.

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