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Rice Bowl, Bowl

Hiroyumi Suzuki White celadon large bowl

Height9cm Diameter15cm Weight460g
JPY 8,800

You can enjoy smooth surface coated with white celadon. Suitable for salad or Asian noodle.

Kazuhiro Fukushima IGA bowl

Height8cm Diameter16cm Weight470g
JPY 5,500

Blue, green, and white glass-looking glaze is beautiful. Suitable for braised dish and Asian noodles.

Katsunori Sawa Painted ORIBE rice bowl

Height7cm Diameter13cm Weight220g
JPY 5,500

Delicately hand-drawn pattern is beautiful. Suitable for rice or salad. Each piece has different pattern.

Teppei Terada Bule combination bowl

Height7cm Diameter13cm Weight340g
JPY 4,950

Suitable for cereal or icecream bowl.

Teppei Terada Iron glaze rice bowl

Height5cm Diameter14cm Weight200g
JPY 4,950

This rice bowl has simple yet matured atomosphere. (out of stock)

Yoshinobu Suzuki Meteo Bowl

Height5cm Diameter14cm Weight290g
JPY 4,400

Matt black clay and clear green glaze matched well. Suitable for salad bowl.